Composition and Creative

Audio gives amazing opportunities for developing creative content. While video is a great way to present information and ideas, audio allows you to envelop a listener in an entire universe and engage them in an active listening experience that is unique to the medium.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to audio content as you are unconstrained by what can be physically presented on a screen. Leveraging the imagination of a listener is a powerful way to encourage a deeper experience.

  • Jingles and Idents
  • Audio Tours and interactive stories
  • Incidental Music and Soundtracks
  • Sound Design
  • Game Audio
  • Sound Effects
  • Social Content
  • Songwriting
Audio regions edited together with cross-fades in Logic Pro X

Interactive Audio Content

Audio is an incredibly engaging way to engage an audience. Given how common portable devices and headphones are it is now easier than ever to create audio experiences that not only provide interesting content but also use cutting edge techniques to immerse a listener. Binaural and surround technology opens up whole worlds, enveloping a listener. Modern sound design tools mean audio can be more realistic and exciting than ever before. 

Songwriting and Composition

Whether you need a hand finishing off arrangements for a new album or music composing for your short film, we can help you out. Everything from a 5 second jingle up to a 25 minute film can benefit from the experience and creativity we can bring to your project.

Game Audio, Sound Effects and Sound Design

Creating exciting soundscapes and effects can bring your project to life. We can help you create assets for your game or app, from orchestral scores right down to menu sounds.

  • Mobile apps/ games
  • Music or sound effects for film/video
  • Games
  • User Interface sound effects
  • Brand idents
  • Voice overs
  • Anything else you can think of…